This is my first game for a jam.  Move with WASD and shoot arrow keys. Dev note, it is probably impossible to beat the game on the first run, if you do let me know, then I have to make it harder.  I was way too ambitious, had a bunch more ideas. Even made my own music, much harder than I thought it was.  Thanks for the support of my two siblings for lending me their voices. Thanks Maddox and Molly.


5 Minute Theatre 42 MB


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Nice job! I'd like it if the enemies flashed or something, when I hit them, since they don't always fall down it can be hard to tell.  I like the way you used time as a health mechanic.

Thanks for playing. Didnt even think about having the enemys flash as well, thanks for the input. Will update it, if I ever touch this game again.

Really nice game! The idea is really fun, and the physics add something really interesting to it. Even though I didn't win, I still enjoyed it.

I also uploaded a game to this jam, if you want you can check it out.

Thanks. Will put in the description that it's near impossible to beat on the first try. Yeah I will check out your game. Thanks for playing.

Very good game to be made in a week! I wonder how could the developer do it...

It was very painful, especially last night. Running on 2 hours of sleep today and got to work all day. Thanks for playing.